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The reputation surrounding root canals might make you hesitant to get one, but they offer significant pain relief from infected teeth. At Ramona Dental Specialists in Ramona, California, the team of specialists perform root canals to remove inflamed tissue from the inside of an injured or infected tooth. To learn more about root canals and how they can help you, call Ramona Dental Specialists, or book an appointment online today.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a common dental procedure to treat infected or inflamed tissue in the innermost layer of a tooth. It can help you avoid tooth loss, the need for an extraction, and the need for a tooth replacement.

Each of your teeth consists of three main layers: the outer enamel, the dentin in the middle, and the inner pulp. The pulp contains soft tissues, blood vessels, and the nerves of the tooth.

Thankfully, teeth can survive without the pulp. During a root canal, your provider at Ramona Dental Specialists creates a small hole in the surface of your tooth’s crown. Through this hole, they remove the unhealthy pulp from within the tooth. They use very slender instruments to perform this process and fully sanitize the inside of the tooth once the pulp is out.

Your dentist can discuss options for sedation with you before the procedure starts.

Your provider fills the pulp space within the tooth with a biocompatible rubber called gutta-percha to reinforce the tooth’s structure. In many cases, when root canal treatment is needed, the tooth has broken down and may need a larger filling. The specialist will likely place a temporary filling at this time. After you have finished treatment with the root canal specialist, you will return to your regular dentist for a crown

How can I tell if a root canal is necessary?

If you need a root canal, you will likely experience a few uncomfortable symptoms due to the damage to the pulp of your tooth and its nerve. The following symptoms could indicate your need for a root canal:

  • Severe pain when you bite down

  • Visible tooth decay

  • Dark gums

  • Chips or cracks in your teeth

  • Swollen gums

  • Pimples on your gums

Although traumatic damage to a tooth is a common cause of the inflammation that leads to an inner tooth infection, the tooth might not necessarily be cracked or chipped. In some cases, blunt force trauma doesn’t break the outer part of your tooth but still causes damage to the inside.

How should I prepare for a root canal?

Before you get a root canal, your provider at Ramona Dental Specialists takes a dental X-ray to view the inside of your tooth and evaluate the extent of the damage. They give you a list of instructions to follow leading up to the procedure, which might include:

  • Avoiding alcohol

  • Avoiding smoking and tobacco

  • Eating before the appointment

  • Taking pain medication before the appointment

The more you know about the procedure, the more confident you feel coming in on the day of your appointment, so be sure to ask any questions you may have.

To learn more about root canals and the inflammation or infection that makes them necessary, call Ramona Dental Specialists, or book an appointment online today.