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All on Four®, also called Teeth in One Day, allows you to enjoy a fully functional set of teeth after a safe implant placement procedure. At Ramona Dental Specialists in Ramona, California, the dental specialists might recommend All on Four if you’re missing several teeth in either your upper or lower arch. To learn more about the treatment and its advantages, call Ramona Dental Specialists, or book an appointment online today.

All On Four (Teeth In One Day) Q & A

What is All on Four?

All on Four refers to the dentistry procedure of placing four dental implants in your jaw’s arch to support a full upper or lower set of permanent dentures. Placing four implants for the entire mouth, instead of one per tooth, is as effective as individual implants to replace single teeth but is more cost-effective if you need to replace an entire arch. All on Four can also help avoid additional expenses and prerequisite procedures like bone grafting and a sinus lift.

Ramona Dental Specialists carefully assesses your jawbone using imaging procedures like cone beam computed tomography (CT) scanning. The specialists use these images to find the areas within your jaw with the most bone mass to support the four dental implants.

All-on-four treatment is often called Teeth in One Day because your dentist can immediately attach a temporary set of dentures to the implants. They attach the permanent dentures later once the healing process is complete.

What is the procedure for All on Four implants?

The procedure for All on Four dental implants is very similar to the procedure for traditional dental implants. Once your specialist comes up with a strategy to place the implants in sturdy areas of bone, they make incisions in your gums to access the bone below. Sedation is available to help you relax during your procedure.

The implants are like screws, and your surgeon secures them into place. Then, they attach your fully functional temporary denture. The healing time varies, so you should come in for regular appointments as your bone grows around the implants. Your dentist attaches your custom, natural-looking denture to the implants once they’re secure.

What are the benefits of All on Four treatment?

Removable dentures are another option for replacing a full arch of teeth, but many prefer the All on Four method. Some of the most notable benefits of All on Four are:

  • Quick recovery

  • Long-lasting

  • Prevention of new or worsening bone loss

  • Easy chewing and speaking

  • A natural appearance

  • Less costly than traditional implants

  • Easy cleaning and care

  • Greater bite and chewing power than removable dentures

All on Four can also help you avoid the need for a bone graft in your jaw because of its strategic positioning of a limited number of dental implants.

All on Four can save you time, money, and inconvenience while giving you the benefits of dental implants. To find out if you’re a candidate for All on Four, call Ramona Dental Specialists, or book an appointment online today.